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Ichizawa Hanpu for Trunk Clothiers: Event and Collaboration Tote

Japan's Ichizawa Hanpu have been making their cotton canvas bags since 1905. Through the years they have served many purposes, especially favoured by workmen, such as carpenters to carry their tools, as well as by pharmacists, liquor shop errand boys, and milkmen. Because the shop’s name was printed on each bag, they also functioned as a way of advertisement, making the shop’s name widely known among the public.

During WWII, Ichizawa was called upon by the military and began to make weapon covers, parachute bags and hammocks for the Navy. Following the end of the war came the first big mountain climbing boom. Ichizawa Hanpu quickly made a name for itself with its Kissling rucksacks, soon becoming the top brand for mountaineering goods. However, synthetic fibers would soon become to go to for this kind of sport. As a result, canvas mountaineering products disappeared from the market.

Ichizawa Hanpu found new life once again, this time in the youth of Japan, and was featured in popular magazines for young people who were showing an interest in canvas bags as fashion statements. And so the Ichizawa story was set for another generation, which has continued to this day, whilst still maintaining their rich history of quality and craftsmanship.

Today, each bag is still made with the same attention to detail and craftsmanship. At the Ichizawa workshop, a two person team take on the task of creating each bag by hand - the expert, who is in charge of the sewing machine, and an apprentice, who is in charge of marking the material and attaching the metal parts to each bag. In general, it takes around ten years before an apprentice can move up to an expert level.

As the brands only stockist outside of Japan, our continuing relationship and shared ethos has made their sturdy cotton canvas bags a stalwart of our accessories shop, Trunk LABS. Thus, it seemed perfectly natural to collaborate on our own special Ichizawa Hanpu products and, for the very first time, present the collection for sale on our webstore.

Our collaboration tote is a remake of their existing tote model, the H-09. We have have modified by expanding the depth of the bag and by extending the handle length, making it the perfect fit for carrying on or off the shoulder. We have also added an inner zip pocket, for personal possessions of value. To finish there is a special embroidered Trunk x Ichizawa collaboration label. All bags are 100% cotton, made in Kyoto, Japan and available in 3 colours - Olive, Navy and Yellow.

As well as the collaboration tote, we also have two canvas pouches and a pen case, continued in the same Olive, Navy and Yellow cotton canvas.

To celebrate the collaboration, Trunk LABS will host a special event on Thursday 21st of September 2017 during our usual shop hours. Kaori Ichizawa and Sachie Sone from Ichizawa Hanpu will be in store, showcasing both our collaboration and a wider product range from their Kyoto store. We will also be serving a selection of teas from Postcard Teas throughout the day.

Please visit us on Thursday 21st of September at Trunk LABS, 34 Chiltern Street, W1U 7QH London