WienerBlut Unheimlich 50ml

According to Freud, the uncanny is the familiar and the unfamiliar at once. This fragrance is an attempt to capture that quality, offering themes one may recognise at first, only to take you around corners you wouldn't expect. This perfume is a 20% concentrated formular, rich in natural raw materials. Dark, clean, dirty, innocent, erotic, unsettling and intriguing at the same time. Notes: Red Pepper, Cardamon, Cistus, Lavender, Jasmin Sambac, Iris, Costus, Cumin, Cacao, Ambre Gris, Civet, Castroreum, Birchtar, Vetiver, Wild Leather, Opoponax.

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The Details

  • 50ml
  • 20% Concentrate
  • Made in Vienna
  • Available to ship to UK addresses only

About the Brand

WienerBlut produces fragrances designed to invoke Belle Époque-era Vienna, based on historic recipes. Using a host of unusual ingredients, such as vintage leather, Moroccan rose and wild pistachio, each fragrance is subtle, elegant and unique.

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