WienerBlut Palais Nizam 100ml

WienerBlut Palais Nizam is made in Vienna by a team of skilled perfumers, taking inspiration from 19th Century formulas. Evoking Archduke Franz Ferdinand's trips to India, Palais Nizam is a rich, exotic fragrance comprising key notes of bergamot, vintage leather, oakwood and dry prune. Presented in a custom-made glass bottle with a bakelite cap, it is a remarkable and unique fragrance.

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The Details

  • Palais Nizam
  • 100ml
  • Made in Vienna

About the Brand

WienerBlut produces fragrances designed to invoke Belle Époque-era Vienna, based on historic recipes. Using a host of unusual ingredients, such as vintage leather, Moroccan rose and wild pistachio, each fragrance is subtle, elegant and unique.

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