London Undercover

London Undercover Folded Umbrella: Blackwatch

This London Undercover Folded Umbrella is handmade with a crook handle crafted from natural whangee bamboo cane. Perfect for those on the move, the umbrella's telescopic metal shaft allows it to fit neatly into a bag, ready to for use when the weather turns. The sturdy 10-rib metal frame ensures durability in high winds, and the protective outer sleeve helps to keep things dry when the wet umbrella is returned to your bag after use.

The Details

  • Handmade
  • Whangee Cane Crook Handle
  • Telescopic Metal Shaft
  • Waterproofed Canvas

About the Brand

Looking to create a stylish defence against Britain's typically inclement weather, London Undercover produces fine umbrellas in classic styles. Using materials such as whangee cane, beechwood, and treated waterproof cotton, London Undercover umbrellas are as durable and practical as they are timeless.

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