Winter warmers: This season’s sharpest knitwear

At last, it’s getting chilly. After a prolonged summer and mild autumn, it’s finally time to get
down to the serious business of winter layering. Despite the grey sky and shortening days,
there’s a genuine pleasure to be had in wrapping up in warming cashmere, woollen flannel
and fluffy alpaca at this time of year. At Trunk, we’ve always championed fine quality winter
sweaters – there’s something satisfying about a well made jumper – something that’s knitted
with care from luxurious fibres and reassuringly easy to wear. Of course, this time of year is
often marred with a very different kind of knit, the dreaded Christmas jumper. With its passé
patterns and loud colours, it’s quite the opposite to an understated knit designed to blend in to
the rest of your look, rather than stand out. Trunk has never been about loud colours or
flash-in-the-pan trends. So here, instead, you’ll find five knits we rate not because they’re quirky
or bright, but because they’re versatile, comfortable layering pieces.

Trunk ‘Walden’ Geelong V-neck

Geelong is a kind of wool sourced from a particularly large, well-insulated breed of Merino sheep.
Its fibres are particularly soft, and while being very fine, they have an unusually open structure,
which captures and retains heat brilliantly. In other words, Geelong wool makes for superior
jumpers that are soft and warming in equal measure. This neutral coloured V-neck from our own
collection is a wise choice, and layers comfortably over dark denim or other earthy tones. Try it as
seen here, with a brown field jacket and a mid-blue chambray shirt.
£175, shop now

Arpenteur ‘George’ snap-button cardigan

Like all Arpenteur’s best designs, this robust navy cardigan retains a sharp workwear edge. Made
from thick waffle-knit woollen jersey, it feels satisfyingly dense and heavy. The rounded hems, snap
buttons and fine collar stand each echo the design details on mid-century work jackets, and the
four patch pockets are practical and relaxed in equal measure. In dark navy it’s easy to wear, and
sits comfortably beneath this winter’s fashionable A-line overcoats.
£360, shop now

Heimat mini rollneck sweater

This isn’t your usual rollneck. Made by Heimat in Germany with plenty of quirky details, this ‘mini
rollneck’ is inspired by a classic fisherman’s sweater. Its short rolling collar, reinforced hemline and
turn-back single cuffs are all suitably utilitarian features, which work well with its military green
colourway. Knitted from fine virgin wool, this is a piece to dress up or down as your mood takes
you. If in doubt, wear with our classic tan chinos and a sharp navy blazer (this piece from The Gigi
is one of our current favourites), and you won’t go far wrong.
£205, shop now

De Bonne Facture mockneck sweater

This one is for fans of chunky knits. De Bonne Facture’s known for its rugged style, and this
sweater is as rugged as can be. It was knitted in France from un-dyed Scottish lambswool so its
mottled colours are completely natural, and it’s made with an ‘English Knit’ structure for plenty of
texture. The raised mockneck and raglan sleeves lend it a relaxed air, perfect for shrugging on at
the weekends with a pair of equally chunky cords. Again, this piece offers a soft neutral colour that
sits well with navy, grey and shades of green – perfect for the cooler months.
£395, shop now

Trunk ‘Berwick’ Shetland crewneck

Once you’ve got your navy and charcoal basics, the next thing to invest in is a classic cream
crewneck. Ours is knitted from Shetland wool on the Scottish borders with a reinforced collar,
sleeves and hems – the works. The jumper’s subtle brushed finish softens its yarns and gives it a
warm, wooly handle, which contrasts nicely with pressed cotton shirts and crisp worsted trousers.
The cream colour sits comfortably over navies or sky blue, and a blue and white striped shirt works
well, too. Wear with dark jeans or charcoal worsted trousers and throw a navy blazer over the top
for an impeccable smart-casual look.
£160, shop now