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Trunk Wears... Boglioli, MCR, Bigi, Trunk Clothiers, Crockett & Jones and Ichizawa Hanpu

The combination of sportcoat and chinos is an ideal meeting point between modern and classic. It speaks to a refined, tailored elegance, yet with a nod to comfort and a certain casual feel. It's a deceptively easy look to put together, relying largely on a simple, tasteful complementary colour combination (in this case brown and navy), and perhaps a contrast of textures - such as wool flannel and washed cotton, as is demonstrated here. For this look we have introduced some subtle pattern as well. Tom wears a Boglioli K Jacket with a classic glen check, which plays off nicely against the solid colours of the MCR shirt, Bigi tie and Trunk chinos.

On the feet is a pair of Cavendish tassel loafers from Crockett & Jones. These would work equally well in brown, but here we have opted for black, for more of a classic city look. And finally, tying the look together, we have a cotton canvas tote bag from renowned Kyoto manufacturers, Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu (available in shop only).