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Trunk Clothiers at Vitsoe

The start of December tends to be associated with two things: frenzied gift shopping, and bleak weather. That is certainly true here in London, where the mercury has begun to plunge towards the zero mark, and the shops are looking fuller than ever. For our latest editorial we wanted to offer some brief respite from the festive onslaught (albeit with a touch of cosiness and Christmas spirit), and to infuse the season with a bit of much-needed colour. In search of the perfect setting, we teamed with our good friends at Vitsoe, who very kindly offered up their showroom on Duke Street.

Vitsoe operates on the 'do one thing well' philosophy (or three things, to be precise). Since its inception in the mid-20th Century, Vitsoe has only sold furniture designed by Dieter Rams, and has largely concentrated on just three products. As a result, each of its offerings - the 606 Universal Shelving System, the 620 Chair Programme and the 621 Table - is something of a design masterpiece, created in an entirely modular and future-proof fashion, intended to resist obsolescence and passing trends. Here at Trunk, we are not only fans of Vitsoe's products, but admirers of their ideology too, and feel that we share similar sentiments. While we offer considerably more than three products, we carefully select our wares with an eye for timelessness and durability. A pair of Alden Indy Boots, as pictured in this shoot, look as good now as when they first appeared decades ago, and indeed, with the right amount of care, will last for decades to come. Simply put, we understand the value of enduring design, a belief that Vitsoe has built its business on. To further illustrate this, you can see one of our classic cashmere watch caps on a 620 chair, a pair of Common Projects Achilles set against a 606 shelf component, and a Muehlbauer fedora atop a 621 table.

Vitsoe's showroom demonstrates the many uses of its furniture, at home or at the office. Accordingly, we put together looks that work in both of these environments - soft, cosy textures ideal for the festive period, that are comfortable and relaxed enough for home, but can still be worn to work on more casual days. The Trunk aesthetic is often characterised by tailoring, but we believe a more dressed-down, 'smart-casual' style is just as important (as well as being generally more useful). We have chosen cords and denim from the ever-reliable orSlow, knitwear from Zanone, Boglioli and Howlin', as well as our own Scottish-made cashmere pieces, and teamed these with outerwear from Eidos, soft tailoring from Barena, and refined accessories courtesy of Italian leather makers, Felisi.

We hope this bringing together of sartorial and interior design provides vital inspiration for the seasonal challenges of what to wear, what to buy, and even how to decorate your home this Christmas.