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Proteca Luggage

Trunk LABS - our dedicated shoes and accessories shop - has always been geared towards the intrepid traveller. From travel razors to tote bags to folding umbrellaswe have sought to provide any and all essentials that can make the inevitability of travel that much more elegant - not to mention pain free. However, perhaps the most crucial part of one's travelling inventory is the luggage itself - it's all well and good having every travel accessory under the sun, but if your suitcase isn't up to scratch, then that stress-free vision of travelling is going to dissolve rather quickly.

Trunk has always been a stockist (and big fan) of Rimowa - the iconic German brand of aluminium suitcases - however we recently decided to expand our range, and to offer customers a greater choice when it comes to picking a trusty suitcase. As we often do when in need of inspiration, in our search for luggage we looked to Japan, and found exactly what we were searching for. Japanese bag brand, Ace, has been producing lightweight, durable luggage in Hokkaido for over 50 years, and just a little over a decade ago they launched a new brand - Proteca - focusing on innovative design, quality materials, and a commitment to good value. This filled all of our criteria for the ideal suitcase, and we knew that our customers would agree. Built for durability and ease of use, Proteca's cases use magnesium alloy frames, and impact-resistant polycarbonate resin body panels, ensuring your belongings kept safe. Furthermore they sit on the brand's signature 'Silent Caster' system, meaning they will glide soundlessly through the airport. And for security they are fitted with ever-reliable TSA locks.

Just as important as the technical spec is how a case looks, and Proteca's cases are minimalist yet distinct, simplistic yet considered. They discretely complement an understated travel ensemble, and while their quality is self-evident they do not draw attention to themselves. All of these things make a Proteca case the ideal travel companion, which should see you around the world for many a year to come.