Brand Personalities: Fujito

 Where did you find your main inspiration, do you look to vintage pieces, movies?

 I have always been inspired by vintage clothing. It's always very fascinating for me to understand how and why each piece was made and what they were used for in the past. I believe every garment has its own story behind it, which is the beautiful part when making an inspired piece. I always try and input the essence of the past into my collection within reason, and also give an understanding of how our modern world works, so that each piece is wearable in our present lives. I get inspired from classic movies, musicians, artists from early days as well, which I have in past reflected their style towards my season theme. I also try and visit as many museums as possible to gain inspiration on colours. Knowledge is always going to be essential but I am also a big believer of ideas developing suddenly from our day to day life. That’s why I try and put myself in most natural environment as much as possible.

What is a fatigue jacket for you and why do you continue to make this piece season after season?

 I believe the fatigue jacket is always going to be a timeless piece. I guess I treat this in the same as how denim is considered. Not only the functional pockets make it easier for us to explore our urban lives, but also gives an alternative gentleman look.

 You visit London quite often, what do you like about London, where are your favourite places to eat and shop?

 I travel a lot all over the world but London is definitely one of my favourite cities. Not only can I enjoy seeing the work of UK craftsmanship but also the positive energy from the people. One of my favourite restaurants has to be Lahore Kebab in White Chapel. I love the food, I also love the local atmosphere in the area. (This place was originally recommended by Keita from Trunk) I do often try and visit many different vintage retailers and antique furniture stores every time I am in East London. I also feel Clapton seems a very attractive place to visit.

 What are some of your favourite places in Fukuoka, where would you recommend a visitor to go?

 I would personally recommend Dazaifu Tenmangu, where one of the famous Japanese gods are enshrined. The temple is about 15 minutes drive from the centre of Fukuoka. Like myself, based in Fukuoka, we have always believed the place would give something positive towards our work. I feel our gods supports our path whenever we visit.

Thank you, Go Fujito!