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MCR Made-to-Measure Service

A fine suit is nothing without the right shirt. Invariably the unsung workhorse of any outfit, it's hard to overstate the value of a simple cotton shirt that fits just right. Here at Trunk, we feel we understand this importance, and as such we are sure to always stock an ample offering of shirts that speak to this fundamental wardrobe need. Handmade Italian shirts from Salvatore Piccolo, casual popovers and oxfords from Gitman Vintage, as well as versatile options from our in-house brand are year-round fixtures down on Chiltern Street. Some customers, however, want a little more personalisation when it comes to their shirting. As such, we offer a made-to-measure service from MCR (whose excellent ready-to-wear shirts we also stock in abundance). A small family business based in Italy, MCR produce some of the finest shirts ever to grace our shelves, and things get even better when you factor in the vast range of options their MTM service provides.

Beyond the array of fabric options (chambrays, pinpoints, poplins, fil-a-fils, checks, stripes...), there are a host of stylistic choices to make: spread, point or button-down collar; rounded, mitred or French cuffs; full or half placket; pocket or no pocket; monogram or no monogram, and so it goes on. After that the fit can be tweaked to create the ideal shape for any body type. Simply put, this is an easy way to create your perfect shirt.

MCR made-to-measure shirts cost £175, with an incremental discount the more shirts that are ordered. Lead time is approximately 6 weeks. An appointment can be booked by emailing mtm@trunkclothiers.com (please put 'MCR Made-to-Measure' as the subject line), calling us on 02030305101, or by simply popping by our 8 Chiltern Street Shop and speaking to a member of staff.