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London Craft Week Event: Begg & Co for Trunk Clothiers

Founded in the small Scottish town of Paisley (which fathered the namesake 'Paisley' pattern), specialist cashmere manufacturers Begg & Cohave been paving the way for luxury scarf making for over 150 years. Putting skilled craftsmanship up against time honoured weaving and finishing techniques, Begg’s ongoing dialogue between tradition and innovation leaves the brand not only unrivalled in their craft, but creating their own unique corner of scarf manufacturing altogether.

To mark the premiere of our very own unique collaboration with Begg & Co, Trunk LABS – our dedicated accessories boutique – will set the stage for this year’s London Craft Week event. From the 3rd – 7th May, Trunk LABS will host an exclusive range of scarves from Begg’s very own in house collection, a special order placing service and, of course, a spotlight upon the debut Begg & Co for Trunk Clothiers scarf itself. This 5 day event has been tailored to open up the storied factory’s walls and shed some light upon the unique processes stitched into each and every Begg & Co scarf.

To accompany the exclusive range on display, this year’s LCW event is set to be seasoned by a special feature installation by acclaimed British sculptural artist Susan Stockwell. Stockwell’s work - known for illustrating notions of transformation, issues of ecology, mapping, trade and history – arrives at LCW 2017 in the form of ‘Troupe’, a series of 3-D structures intended to punctuate a selection of Begg & Co creations between the juxtaposed coarse, rough elements of the piece.

Taking note from the Begg 'Kishorn' - inspired by a recent trip to the Begg & Co factory, from our founder and director Mats - the Begg & Co for Trunk Clothiers scarf is a collaborative effort towards considering the sensibilities of the modern travelling man, with a scarf both versatile in function and wearability. A worsted cashmere yarn has been set over a light twill grain so as to generate comfort quality texture, whilst a looser weave allows for unique character over a long lasting wear. Where the average Begg scarf sits around 70cm wide, the Begg & Co for Trunk Clothiers scarf has been transposed into a malleable 90 x 180cm, bordering scarf and travel blanket. Alongside unique hand crafting techniques, the naturally soft water flowing from the Ayrshire hills compliments each Begg & Co product to being light and soft to the touch. This rather special - not to mention natural - ingredient makes Begg & Co scarfs some of the most exceptionally luxurious the world over, providing added comfort to be taken away with you anywhere in the world.

Alongside our own selection of Begg & Co scarves for spring and summer, we are pleased to welcome the factory’s complete range of fine cashmere scarves in their various entirety - exclusively available in store for LCW 2017. Inside 150 years of business, Begg & Co have amassed an impressive roster of scarves, stoles and throws – each and every one a pleasure to touch, wear and own. Ranging from the non-seasonal favourite Wispy scarf, to the summer essential lightweight Filigree, each scarf has been designed to offer luxurious comfort with practical wearability, no matter what the season dictates. As well as ready to wear items from Begg’s in house collection, each model will also be available for a special order service by which any scarf may be tuned up to personalised standards through a variety of unique finishes and colour-ways. The special order service will run exclusively from 3rd – 7th May, with the scarf ready to enjoy within 4 – 6 weeks approx.

For more information, or questions regarding the event or special order service, please feel free to give us a call on 020 3030 5102.
Or why not pop in for a chat, at Trunk LABS 34 Chiltern Street, London W1U7QH.

Visit the London Craft Week website here.

Words by Alister Roberts