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Eidos AW16

The story of Eidos is an oft-repeated one. Launched in 2013 by legendary Neapolitan tailoring house Isaia, Eidos was conceived as an attempt to bring together the worlds of traditional tailoring and contemporary casualwear. As such the brand is something of an experiment - and a highly successful one in our eyes. Eidos is unique in its character, possessing both tailoring credibility, and a progressive desire to create new forms and silhouettes. It is equally adept at turning out unstructured flannel suits as it is casual, loose-fitting trousers and rugged outerwear. This makes it an ideal brand for Trunk, as it satisfies our desire for both the formal and the informal; the classic and the modern.

This season we have a selection of suiting, knitwear and outerwear. Here Oliver wears their signature two-piece suit, cut from a rich wool flannel. The fabric has a slightly oversized glen check, which from afar is almost undetectable, but up close creates a subtly interesting effect. It's a timeless piece of tailoring, very much in the grand Neapolitan tradition with soft shoulders and no lining, but updated with a slimmer, more contemporary shape. Elsewhere in the collection we have a single-breasted car coat, which comes in both a sturdy indigo-dyed canvas, and a tactile Italian tweed. Rounding things out we have a 'honeycomb' knit sweater in a trio of colours - a perfect autumn layering piece that pairs beautifully with Eidos' suits and coats, as well as a host of other garments.

Eidos has a rare ability to do multiple things very, very well, from formalwear all the way to sophisticated weekend wear, making it a truly versatile brand for all occasions.