Edition 12 from De Bonne Facture is inspired by the painters, ceramicists, materials and landscapes of Vallauris and the Esterel mountain range, in the south east of France and Provence.

The styles are inspired by artists’ clothes, from casual elegance to workwear. References include pictures of Wifredo Lam and Pablo Picasso. Vintage pictures from that era also show potters and painters working with relaxed shirts and trousers in their ateliers.

The colour palette follows the colours of the local earths and stones, that range from tan to clay red, with the reddish hues of the Esterel mountain range and the washed blue colour of the sea in the coast.

De Bonne Facture have worked with a selection of natural fabrics with an effort in sustainability. This edition mostly features brushed Belgian linens (Golf Jacket), organic French cottons (Mock Neck Sweater) and Japanese dry chino cotton (Two-pleat Trousers).