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Christmas Gift Guide

As the festive season once again begins to roll around, with it comes the attendant turmoils of gift selection. Very often, this time of year is distinctly characterised by having too many people to buy for, and too little inclination of what they might want. We have sought to remedy this situation by putting together a selection of our favourite items - things we feel would make ideal gifts for friends, family, colleagues or simply oneself.

We have selected items from a range of categories, and at a number of price points. Beginning on the more luxurious side of things, we have a selection of leather goods from British manufacturers Whitehouse Cox, Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, as well as Comme des Garçons and German grooming accessories brand, F. Hammann. From spectacle cases and coin holders to billfolds and washbags, small leather goods combine that element of luxury with an innate usefulness, making for excellent gifts.

A fine fragrance is another option which is more or less guaranteed to please. Comme des Garçons' range of ever-popular scents is full of subtle options, from the masculine 2 Man, to the leafy Amazingreen. For something a bit more botanical, Fueguia 1833 is a fine choice. Based in Buenos Aires, the Fueguia team dedicate themselves to sourcing flora and fauna from all over the South American continent to make up their fine perfumes. And for something on the decadent side, we recommend WienerBlut - a Viennese perfumer inspired by the smells (as well as the sights and sounds) of Belle Epoque Europe.

If you want to ensure your gift will be well used, then gloves, scarves and cosy knitwear are a safe bet (here in London at least). With temperatures dropping rapidly, it pays to be properly protected from the elements. As part of Trunk's in-house collection, we have a range of fine Scottish-made knitwear, including gloves, hats and scarves, all knitted from 100% cashmere. In addition to these we also have leather and suede gloves from Sweden's Hestra and Italy's Merola, and warming scarves from Begg & Co and Lovat & Green.

Typical gifts for a man tend to fall into one of two categories: socks or ties. These have become the archetypal boring gifts, however socks and ties certainly needn't be boring. We have thick patchwork and cable knit socks from Anonymous Ism, and cashmere-cotton blends, made expressly for Trunk, from Welsh hosiers, Corgi. If you are feeling particularly generous, then a pair of Alden chukkas make an excellent complement to a fine pair of socks. For ties, Drake's and Bigi will never steer you wrong.

And if you really want to spoil someone, then look no further than our selection of timepieces. We currently carry watches from two brands: the first, Shinola, offers a sportier, more modern take on time-tested watch designs. Larger faces, interesting colour choices and rose gold finishes make for unorthodox yet highly wearable pieces. Combined with Swiss Argonite movements and Horween leather straps, quality is assured. If you are in the market for something classic, then you would be hard pressed to find something more refined and minimalistic than Junghans. Handmade in Schramberg, Germany, Junghans watches benefit from more than 150 years experience in the crafting of fine timepieces. The brand's most iconic model - the Max Bill - is named for its designer, the feted modernist designer and architect. If you are buying for someone with an eye for design, then this is something of a 20th Century classic.

With just four weeks left until the big day, we hope that this guide will help to alleviate the pain of Christmas shopping, and at the very least plant a few ideas in your mind.