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Caruso per Trunk SS17: Elegant Spring Tailoring

After a long, freezing winter, dressing for spring is a pleasure, but its not without its difficulties. Readjusting to the milder temperatures so often becomes a challenge after months and months of being wrapped in a heavy overcoat - suddenly linens, cottons and lightweight wools, paler colours and lighter textures all make themselves available once again, and the choice can be overwhelming. The problem can become doubly complex when considering tailoring. With flannels and cashmeres once again off the menu until autumn rolls back around, one must perhaps push the boat out a little more.

The purpose of our ongoing collaboration with Caruso - per Trunk - is to combine the exquisite craftsmanship of the Italian tailoring house with our own aesthetic sensibilities. For the Spring/Summer season, we have a selection of typically excellent suits and jackets, cut from cotton-linens and wool-silk blends. This time around, Caruso's classic two-button suit comes in a Cerruti 'Trio' fabric - a blend of wool, mohair and silk with a subtle micro stripe incorporated into its weave. Elsewhere we have an unlined jacket with patch pockets and a generously broad lapel, cut from a rich blend of cotton and linen that will wear beautifully over time. These are designed as ideal pieces of warmer-weather tailoring, not just in terms of construction, but also in style. A pale coloured linen jacket is a summer classic, albeit one that can seem intimidating to some. However, when paired with a dark navy collarless shirt, and a pair of solid grey tropical wool trousers, it suddenly becomes remarkably wearable, emanating an air that is at once relaxed and refined. Equally, a blue-grey suit is a far more interesting stylistic choice than navy or charcoal when the sun is shining and the trees are green once again.

Dressing for the season of course involves more than simply keeping oneself appropriately insulated, or ventilated, as it may be. Each season creates its own context, which demands a different approach to colour, texture, fit and fabric. Once the warmer weather approaches, its tempting to stick to one's winter palette, and simply adjust accordingly for temperature. However, far more elegant and stylish results can be achieved by paying attention to the changing weather: opting for linen in a deep, verdant green, or a breezy off-white, as opposed to wintery browns, greys and navys. Or if it need be a dark colour, go for a fabric with a subtle stripe, pattern, or textured weave.

Hopefully Caruso per Trunk's spring offerings will provide some inspiration for how to take more formal dressing into the new season.