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From the Archives: A Visit to the Begg & Co Factory

Begg & Co is the first name that comes to mind when we think about scarves here at Trunk. The storied Scottish manufacturers have 150 years experience in weaving the finest scarves and shawls, using lambswool, angora, silk and cashmere, which is washed in the soft water flowing off the Ayrshire hills, creating a remarkably soft handle that the brand has become famous for. We have been lucky enough to develop a strong relationship with Begg & Co over the years, making their scarves a permanent fixture at Trunk LABS, as well as hosting a number of made-to-order events in conjunction with them. A brand that prides itself on the make of its products, Begg & Co employs time-tested methods and original machinery in its creative process.

Recently, Mats made the trip up to Begg's headquarters in the Scottish town of Ayr - roughly 30 miles south of Glasgow - to visit the factory, check in with the team, and discuss a very special upcoming collaboration - more information on which will be available in the near future.  While he was there he was shown around by David Woodhouse - Begg & Co's Technical Director. David and Mats discussed fabrics for the aforementioned collaboration, poring over countless samples of the finest cashmeres, angoras and wools. David then took Mats on a tour of the factory floor to better illustrate exactly what goes into a Begg scarf - from the milling of the yarn, to the combing of the fabric using natural teasel, to the lengthy washing process.

Begg & Co is a true leader in its field - building on more than a century of experience, while being unafraid to innovate. We are a proud stockist, and we are very excited to bring our collaboration to fruition. Stay tuned for more information.