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Treuleben puts utility, beauty and class on your agenda. Innovative artisanry, which draws on a century of German bookbinding craftsmanship and leather processing, is augmented by detailed finishing, finest grade paper and supple full-grain cowhide leather, to create a signature line of handsome and cultivated products.


Treuleben products are crafted in their own factory, which can look back on one-hundred years of bookbinding craftsmanship. The bodies of their books are stitched and feature hand-gilded edging. The handcrafted jackets are covered with finest leather and are subsequently joined with the stitched pages to produce the finished editions. The traditional headband, a page marker fashioned from corded ribbon and the Treuleben Envelope Pocket – all in characteristic Treuleben dark blue – put the finishing touches on their handsome journals and calendars.


Treuleben journals and calendars are printed on paper that has been especially milled by an established German manufacturer. It weighs a mere 80 g per square meter. The paper is light in weight to keep products lightweight. The goal was also to produce a paper where the page beneath it doesn’t shine through or become saturated by ink. Paper that makes writing a pleasure. Regardless of the writing utensil you choose to capture your thoughts. Treuleben produce all of their paper in the colour Sand. This pleasantly creamy tone is soothing to look at and brings beauty to every page.


All Treuleben calendars and journals feature “Pale Gold” gilt-edged pages. Gilt-edging is a century-old technique to embellish books, but also serves to protect their pages against wear. In an elaborate process, the page edges of the book’s body are polished to a mirror finish and the gold leaf is subsequently applied using heat and pressure.


The smooth cowhide leather used to cover all of the pliable jackets of Treuleben calendars and journals is processed in an Italian tannery located between Pisa and Florence. Using only full-grain genuine cowhide leather: premium quality, non-split hides, whose natural appearance is not compromised by processing with rollers or drenching with dyes.

Envelope Pocket

Nearly all Treuleben products, whether these are calendars, journals or leather goods, feature the original Treuleben envelope pocket design. For products in book format, the material for the dark blue card stock envelope pocket is is produced by the traditional paper manufacturer Fedrigoni. For their line of leather goods, the envelope pocket is crafted in full-grain cowhide leather. The patented design is reminiscent of an open postal envelope, but is actually a two-pocket construction: The top pocket can be used to quickly stow notes, tickets or receipts. The bottom pocket protects these items from falling out; keeping them safe for the next time you need them.


Trelueben's leather products are handcrafted by expert leather artisans in the Treuleben factory. But only when each individual hide has been successfully inspected to ensure the absence of holes and other flaws, can it be considered finest Italian full-grain cowhide leather and cut to size to produce Treuleben leather goods. Once this quality has been assured, the thickness of the leather pieces is adjusted on special machines. The individual leather pieces are then stitched together with the greatest care. Unstitched edges are subsequently finished with an embossed trim line.