Fueguia 1833

Fueguia Chamber 30ml

This Fueguia Chamber fragrance is meticulously produced in South America, drawing on the rich botanical and cultural resources of the region. The scent takes its inspiration from architecture and the analogy of a perfume as a metaphysical space. Using a Louis Kahn masterpiece, the Kimbell museum, reflecting their key ingredients, the perfume reproduces the smell of concrete, travertine marble, glass, grass and mostly solar light. The elixir reflects a unisex sophisticated smell, created using unique molecules that reproduce the genesis of this materials and image. Unusual and perfectly balanced, this fragrance is exemplary of Fueguia's unique approach to their work.

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The Details

  • Chamber
  • 30ml
  • Key Notes:
  • Fondo de Lago
  • Barba de Vejo
  • Mate

About the Brand

Founded in Buenos Aires in 2010 by perfume experts Julian Bedel and Amalia Amoedo, Fueguia has established itself as a truly unique producer of fragrances. Undertaking all of its meticulous production within South America, the Fueguia team draws its inspiration from the rich and varied surroundings the continent has to offer, from its native plant species to its vibrant culture. Trunk is the sole stockist of Fueguia in the UK.

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