Resolute Denim — A Fit Guide

After 20 years of experience in the denim industry, Yoshiyuki Hayashi founded Resolute in 2010 with the idea of producing just four styles of selvedge denim jeans, with a style and size for everyone. Whilst each Resolute model is based on a vintage style, any details that could be considered unnecessary have been removed, leaving only what Yoshiyuki considers the most important elements, with the two main focuses being fit and fabric. 

From the dying of the yarn to the final sewing process with a Union Special sewing machine, Resolute's denim is made entirely in Japan. The selvedge fabric, which has an intentionally soft and fluffy quality, is woven by Shinya Co. Ltd. on a vintage power loom which is used exclusively by the brand. Whilst the jeans themselves are sewn and finished by only the most experienced craftspeople at Nimi Sewing Co. Both Shinya and Nimi are based in Okayama; a prefecture now famed across the globe for its denim production. 

Yoshiyuki believes that this simplified approach to denim making will ultimately allow his product to be worn in more ways and for longer, becoming a versatile tool in one's year-round wardrobe. The man himself pairs his own with anything from a navy sport coat to a simple white t-shirt.

Now, with the arrival of the 712, the newest addition to our Resolute roster, we thought it was about time to break down each model by fit and style so that you can pick your next (or second!) pair with ease.

Resolute 710

The 710 is Resolute's core model and is inspired by 60s style denim jeans. With a medium to high rise and a straight leg, the fit is slim but not tight, meaning that it will work for just about anyone. Because of the fit, the 710 can be worn with both smart and casual outfits. Try it with an Oxford shirt and navy sport coat or a white T-shirt and chore jacket.

Resolute 711

If you prefer your denim a little loose with more room for movement, then the 711 is the style for you. The 711 model from is based on 50s style workwear denim. It has a straight leg with a low rise, meaning a fuller, looser cut. It will work well with casual shoes or suede boots and is more suited to being dressed down.

Resolute 712

The 712 from Resolute is their slimmest fitting style. The 712 has a low rise and a straight leg that is tapered just below the knee. It's the only model from Resolute with a zip fly which is a nod to the original jeans this model is inspired by. If you're looking for a more contemporary fit, the 712 is it. 

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