An Ode To Our Community

10 April 2021

The last 12 months have allowed plenty of time for reflection, and what’s been overwhelmingly clear to us is how important our community is and also the role we play in it. For us, being able to enrich a customer’s experience be it through clothing or conversation is a simple but rewarding pleasure, and we really can’t wait to be back in action.

Trunk London

Before Covid struck we had planned to celebrate our 10th anniversary (read about it here) with a party of befitting size and quality. Of course, the resulting restrictions put paid to our plans. Looking to the months ahead, there is a new reason for us to celebrate – the light at the end of this profoundly terrible tunnel. With non-essential shops having been given the green light to re-open here in the UK, our team in London are preparing to welcome customers once again. Meanwhile, in Zurich, the team has had the good fortune to have been open for several weeks. Finally, our community is regrouping.

The last twelve months have been somewhat lonely for us all, however they’ve also proved useful in creating space and time to pause and think. For us, this time has shown us how integral community is to Trunk, and knowing that we are going to be able to come together again is overwhelmingly exciting.

Our stores aim to transcend the emotional boundaries of being a gentleman’s retailer, as we strive to empower our customer’s lives through carefully-curated clothing, pleasant conversation, and a convivial atmosphere. Alongside this, we hope to provide our customers with a space in which to meet like-minded people. After all, there’s something unbelievably rewarding about successfully helping men become the best version of themselves, incorporating all areas of their lives.

Adrian, our shop manager in Zurich, has been in full swing of Trunk proceedings for a few weeks now. In addition to introducing customers to the likes of Fedeli, a new brand for the season, Adrian has been finessing his bartending skills: ‘We have lots of customers visiting us to have a drink in the shop whilst out shopping as the bars are closed. They simply like chatting with us and so I guess we regard ourselves more as hosts than as salesmen. We want to offer our customers a relaxed time-off and a very personal shopping experience. With the pandemic, I feel that people really appreciate that now,” he says.

Preparing a drink for a customer is part and parcel of our motivation at Trunk, and is indicative of the community we’ve created – a place to relax and unwind, whilst surrounded by excellent clothing, of course. These interactions with our customers is what being a true shopkeeper is all about; it’s real and wholesome, and considering that we’ve all been isolated for so long it is a real pleasure, too.

At Trunk, we see ourselves as hosts to our guests, emblemised perfectly by Adrian. Providing a full-service is what we aim to do whenever a customer steps into our shops. In London, seeing familiar faces walk through our door to pick up a new jacket is just part of the work we relish so greatly. Going on to inspire them with a new restaurant for dinner, or to explore another part of town, is an added bonus.

Our Chiltern Street manager Aidan has been with us for four years, and he is yearning to meet new customers and catch up with our regulars. With that, he’s looking forward to sliding back into his Trunk routine: ‘I love the walk in through Fitzrovia on a crisp, clear morning, and seeing all the local residents and shopkeepers starting their days,’ he says. While the community is important to our customers, it’s equally important to members of our team: ‘We all pitch in at Trunk to get the shop ready for the day, watering the plants, sweeping the pavement, polishing the mirrors. I find it very satisfying, the whole team rolling their sleeves up and making sure we start the day with our best foot forward.”

Whether you’re based in London or Zurich, or happen to be travelling through at any point in the near and distant future, do drop in and say hello. Meeting new customers and catching up with old ones makes each and every day special in its own way. If we can help you out with anything from style advice to where to go for a coffee and you’re happy and feel enriched as a result of our interaction, we’re happy. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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