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Bon Parfumeur 101: Rose, Sweet Pea, Patchouli

Bon Parfumeur create simple yet sophisticated fragrances. Simple in such a way that they can be mixed and matched together to find a perfect combination, yet equally sophisticated enough to be worn on their own as a no fuss fragrances.

Rose and musk, carnal and delicate for a late summers evening.

Eau de parfum 30 ml – 1 fl.oz

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The Details

  • Made in Paris
  • 30ml, 1 fl.oz
  • Rose, Sweet Pea, Patchouli

About the Brand

Bon Parfumeur spent over two years developing a range of fifteen mix-and-match unisex fragrances. Conceived by impassioned perfumers, the range is guided by a desire to offer top quality niche fragrances. Each scent is named after a three digit number and its three main notes. The first digit indicates the olfactive family of your perfume. Find your perfect combination or enjoy them equally on their own as simple, sophisticated, and no-fuss fragrances.

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