How to care for suede?

More elegant than leather but more casual than tweed, suede is a cornerstone of a modern man’s wardrobe — a suede jacket is an ideal pairing for smart trousers in autumn, when its buttery smooth texture works and rich, earthy colour palette wears well with woollen slacks, cosy knitwear and winter boots. But how to care for it? Contrary to popular belief, suede — a natural skin — can be worn whatever weather, including rain, providing it’s properly protected and looked after at home. Armed with our new Valstar collection, we turn to the help of our friend Simon Crompton, of menswear site Permanent Style, to give us an easy suede care guide, shot in our Trunk LABS store on Chiltern Street in collaboration with Valstar. Click to view the video below, or keep scrolling for our simple instructions to keep your suede jackets pristine. The main principles of this care guide can also be applied to suede footwear.

Step 1: Prevention tactics

  • Before wearing, hang jacket up and spray all over with a good suede protector — this will keep your jacket clean and prevent surface stains — we suggest Saphir’s Super Protector Spray
  • The protector will naturally fade with wear — aim to spray two to three times per year to maintain


Step 2: Storage is key

  • After each wear, hang jacket up in a closet with room to breath between other garments — folding it, or hanging it in a packet closet, will cause creases which are difficult to get out once formed -
  • Avoid using a plastic protection cover — the skin will sweat underneath it 
  • Avoid hanging in direct sunlight which will fade the garment


Step 3: Wet weather protection

  • If caught in the rain, hang your suede jacket up once home and allow to dry naturally
  • To lift excess surface water, use a clean, dry, cotton (non-textured) towel laid flat — press and blot. Fuzzy bath towels will leave a surface imprint
  • Once the suede is dry, rub out water spots with a clean, dry sponge. Brush the fibre in the same direction, left to right, to restore the fibre and stops it looking mottled

Step 4: Stain removal

  • If the jacket has a stain, use a soft, clean brush over the surface to try and separate the stain from the suede’s texture — start lightly and build up pressure if needed
  • If the spot is stubborn, spray the suede protector over and rub with a clean, dry sponge to try and lift the stain 
  • Any remaining dark spots or discolouration can be lifted with a colourless eraser — triangular ones designed for clothing, with smooth edges, work best. Use small circular movements, or long sweeps, up and down the jacket until the stain is removed

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