Introducing the Trunk Cavendish Gabardine Long Coat

You can’t control the weather, but a dependable coat is the next best thing. Good rainwear is stylish, comfortable, and long enough to protect everything it covers. Worn open or buttoned up, it should cut a striking silhouette, accommodate a jacket or sweater as needed and, most simply, keep you dry.

The best TV detectives are always getting caught in storms. Going out in all conditions is a sign of their dedication to cracking the case, but also explains their endless love of rainwear (think of Columbo in his beige trench). A howling gale provides a spectacle, but a good coat has dramatic qualities of its own. In a classic navy or neutral colour it can be subtle, but worn open and swishing in the wind it reliably delivers a bit of swagger. The pairing makes sense because good raincoats are like good detectives: quietly dependable, infinitely practical, and impervious under pressure.

The Trunk Cavendish is a British classic with a Japanese twist. It’s designed in the traditional way, with strong lines and a generous cut. The set-in sleeve and raglan construction give it a clean look while comfortably accommodating a jacket. (The coat fits true-to-size, but if you will usually wear it over tailoring and prefer a generous fit, consider sizing up.) It’s made by Japanese rainwear specialist Sanyo Sewing Co. in Aomori, in the north of Honshu island. Sanyo operates the country’s only sewing factory specializing in coats and has made them since the 1940s. The water-resistant cotton cloth, essential to a proper raincoat, is a Japanese-made high-density gabardine.

Trunk Cavendish Coat

"The Trunk Cavendish is a British classic with a Japanese twist"

The Trunk Cavendish

In changeable weather, versatile outerwear comes into its own. On mild Autumn days, the Cavendish can be worn open as a light but protective outer layer. For colder days, the detachable insulating liner offers extra weight and warmth, making it closer to an overcoat. In a real downpour, several small details come in handy: a stand collar that covers the neck, adjustable cuffs that can be closed tight, and a throat latch to fasten securely at the neck.

The Cavendish is equally versatile in terms of styling. As business wear, it’s a natural partner for a suit or other tailored jacket. The beige shade offers a time-tested pairing with navy or charcoal suits, while the navy variant offers a more modern look that pairs effortlessly with the blues, greys, earth tones and whites of the business casual wardrobe. But it’s just as useful at the weekend. With the padded liner attached, and paired with a chunky scarf, it’s an ideal piece of all-purpose rainwear to accompany any classic casualwear. Wear it off-duty with chinos and a flannel shirt, or on colder, wetter days over chunky knitwear, corduroy and sturdy boots. Whatever you decide, just don’t forget the umbrella.

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